Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Broyhill Undergraduate School of Management

Dean: M. Taylor


Professors: D. Caudill, G. Gilsdorf, E. Godfrey, C. Metcalf, A. Negbenebor, F. Policastro

Associate Professors: S. Johnson, S. Kim, S. Mankins, L. Xiao

Assistant Professors: W. Achia, S. Gathers, A. Smith, C. Sutton, E. Sousa

Instructors: G. Dib, J. Herndon, M. Taylor

Nationally Accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs. Became the University’s first endowed school in 1981 with a gift from the Broyhill Foundation of Hickory, North Carolina.


The Godbold College of Business provides undergraduate and graduate professional training within the scope of a Christian-based, liberal-arts university, building on the skills in learning and critical thinking that the liberal arts foster.


The Godbold College of Business functions to support the mission of Gardner-Webb University by providing both graduate and undergraduate professional training in the business disciplines to a diverse student population. It enhances the scope of the University by applying the learning and analytical skills fostered by the liberal arts and the moral and ethical values of the Christian faith to the practice of business activities in the domestic and worldwide arenas. It also encourages both its faculty and its students to pursue lifelong learning, to value service to God and humanity, and to build character in students. MOTTO: “For God and Humanity Through Business.”

Major Fields of Study

The school offers eight majors leading to the Bachelor of Science degree.


Computer Information Systems


Healthcare Management

International Business



Sport Management

Wealth Management

Second Major

A student seeking a second major in any degree offered by the Broyhill Undergraduate School of Management must meet all of the requirements for the primary degree in business. If the student seeking a second major is already a Business student in a Business degree program as the primary major, the student must complete 30 hours toward the second major, at least 21 of which must meet the course requirements for the second major with any remaining hours approved in a written plan by the student’s advisor.

Minor Fields of Study for Business and Non-Business Majors

Computer Information Systems

Healthcare Administration



Sport Management

Minor Field of Study for Non-Business Majors

Business Administration