Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Academic Information

Time Limits

Unless a more restrictive limit is specified by a program, students have a limit to complete their degree of six (6) calendar years in master’s programs and seven (7) calendar years in doctoral programs, from the beginning of the term in which they complete their first graduate course at Gardner-Webb University toward the degree they are currently seeking. Students who experience extenuating circumstances may apply for an extension by completing the Graduate Studies Time Limit Extension Form located in the Graduate Forms folder in WebbConnect and submitting it to their program director/coordinator. Doctoral students should also ask their chair to complete the applicable form areas before submission to their program director/coordinator. Once the form has been completed by the student, the doctoral chair (if applicable), and the program director/coordinator, it will be sent to the Dean of the Gayle Bolt Price School of Graduate Studies. The Dean then notifies the student by letter of the extension decision, along with terms of the extension and related stipulations. A copy of the letter is sent to Registrar Services and to the program director/coordinator. If the student is not satisfied with the program faculty’s decision, that student has the right to appeal, as outlined in the academic appeals process.

Courses that were completed more than six calendar years prior may not be used to fulfill the requirements of a degree without the permission of the program faculty.

Course Selection

Course selection includes academic advising, registration, and payment of fees. Graduate student advising is provided by a faculty advisor in the student’s field of study (usually the program director/coordinator) who is assigned to each student on acceptance into the program. Deans/Chairs of Schools/Departments function as secondary advisors to every student, and additional assistance is provided on an as-needed basis by staff members of the Graduate Studies Office.

First-semester students are registered by the Graduate Studies Office, the Office of Graduate Admissions, or the academic program office, depending on the program. After the first semester, students who are responsible for their own registration for courses (in contrast to students who are enrolled automatically in the next course in sequence) receive communication related to advisement and registration directly from specific programs. Faculty advisors are available in person, or by email, phone, or virtual conferencing.

During pre-registration, students should consult with their academic advisors on course selection and other degree requirements. However, it is the responsibility of the student to ensure that all University graduation requirements are met.

Students will not receive credit for any course for which registration has not been completed. Unless students and their advisors consider it essential, they should not change the schedule after registration.

Administrative Changes in Class and Schedule

The University reserves the right to cancel or discontinue any course because of insufficient enrollment or for other valid reasons. In order to assure quality instruction, the University reserves the right to close registration when the maximum enrollment has been reached, or to make changes in the schedule, delivery format, and/or faculty assignment.