Academic Catalog 2020-2021

Grading Scale, Grades, and Reports

Grading Systems and Quality Points

Graduation is dependent upon quality as well as upon quantity of work done. Letter grades are used. They are interpreted in the table below, with the quality points for each hour of credit shown at the right.

Grades Hours Attempted Per Credit Hour Quality Points Per Credit Hour
A (96-100) 1 4
A-(94-95) 1 3.67
B+ (92-93) 1 3.33
B (87-91) 1 3
B- (85-86) 1 2.67
C+ (80-84) 1 2.33
C (75-79) 1 2
C- (70-74) 1 1.67
D+ (67-69) 1 1.33
D (63-66) 1 1
D- (60-62) 1 0.67
F (0-59) 1 0
Fx (Failure for Academic Dishonesty) 1 0
P 0 0
I (Incomplete) 0 0
IN (see below) 0 0
W (Withdrew without penalty) 0 0
WP (Withdrew Passing) 0 0
WF (Withdrew Failing) 1 0
@W (Administrative Withdrawal) 0 0
@F (Administrative Failure for Absences) 1 0

An “I” (Incomplete) is assigned only when a small amount of coursework (i.e., test, project, research paper, or final exam) is not complete, and the reason for the incomplete work is of a serious nature and beyond the student’s control. The assigning of an “I” must be accompanied by the instructor’s completion of an I contract which is accessed by the “Incomplete Contract/Policy” link under “Manage Classes” in the QuickLaunch Navigation menu in WebbConnect. The student must complete the coursework by the date provided by the instructor. The instructor should submit the change of grade form no later than 90 days after the last day of the term in which the I was assigned, or earlier. After 90 days, the “I” automatically becomes an “F” if it has not been changed or the instructor has not submitted an extension to the Registrar.

The grade of “IN” is assigned in the following cases:

  1. individuals in a practicum or internship who are prevented by circumstances beyond their control from completing their practicum or internship by scheduled deadlines;
  2. students in courses with a multi-semester component which are not completed by grading deadlines.

A “W” will be assigned when a student withdraws from a course during the first four weeks of the semester or the first week of a summer term or if granted a medical withdrawal. After these time periods, a “WF” or “WP” is assigned by the instructor based upon the instructor’s assessment of the student’s work to date in the course.

The "@W" represents an administrative withdrawal from a course. It is assigned to any student on an official class roll who has never attended a class session.

The "@F" represents an administrative failure of a course. It can be assigned by either the instructor or the Registrar to any student who exceeds the permissible number of absences in a course. This grade is treated the same as the regular “F;” it counts against the student’s grade point average and is repeatable only under the provisions outlined below.

Even when a grade of "@W" or "@F" has already been assigned by the Registrar, an instructor may assign a regular “F” at the end of the term as he/she deems appropriate.

Once a grade has been submitted to the Registrar, it cannot be changed except in the event of a clerical error or an error in calculation, or as a result of the appeal process described below.

A student who has a question about a grade should consult the instructor as soon as possible. A student who believes a grade to be inaccurate or unfair may address the matter following the process described under “Academic Grievance and Appeal Procedures.”

Under no circumstances will a grade be changed, after having been reported to Registrar Services, without the approval of the Associate Provost for Professional and Graduate Studies.


The Registrar will furnish transcripts of credit upon written request. Official copies are available for a fee, which should accompany the request.

No transcript will be issued until all the student’s accounts have been settled satisfactorily.