Leaders Program of Professional Excellence

All majors within the Department of Health, Sport, and Physical Education at Gardner-Webb University are expected to obtain a leadership certification for the LEADERS Program of Professional Excellence. LEADERS is an acronym used to categorize an array of academic and professional knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA’s) in the categories of: Leadership, Ethics, Academics and Professional Roles, Diversity, Etiquette and Professional Disposition, Religion and Philosophy, and Service learning and Community Outreach.

Students collect evidence that demonstrates competence in each area and compile it in the form of an electronic portfolio. Competence will be achievable through the completion of assignments embedded within the program of study.

Candidates’ attainment of competency will be assessed and approved by full-time faculty members of the Department of Health, Sport, and Physical Education. Each submission must include appropriate documentation along with a written reflection. A final, formal presentation will be given by the student.

Students who successfully complete the LEADERS program will receive a designation on their official transcript.

*See the Department of Health, Sport, and Physical Education website and/or handbook for detailed guidelines for submission.