Academic Catalog 2019-2020

Department of Communication and New Media

Department Chair: B. Carey


Professors: B. Carey, J. Webb

Associate Professors: L. Luedeman

Instructor: J. Powell

Mission Statement

In support of the university mission, the Department of Communication & New Media provides its graduates with a strong academic background in critical thinking and basic communication skills, along with extensive experience-based preparation for work in media-related professions.

Major Fields of Study

The department offers three majors leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree.

     Communication Studies

Graphic Design


The department offers a program of study leading to the Associate of Arts degree.

Graphic Design

Minor Fields of Study

     Communication Studies

Graphic Design


The Department of Communication & New Media requires all majors and minors to complete an internship associated with their concentrations consisting of a minimum 180 hours of off-campus, professionally-supervised work. Typically, internships are completed in businesses, government agencies or offices, radio and television stations, networks, cable companies, newspapers, photography studios, internet service providers, or other professional organizations as appropriate to the student’s academic and career goals approved in advance by the chair. Students are expected to apply for and acquire their own internship placement. Students may and are encouraged to take two internships towards their degree requirements.

The Department requires all majors and minors to purchase an Apple iPad. The iPad will be utilized in courses and students should have them before beginning their first course. The minimum requirement for the iPad is listed on the department webpage. Additionally, the Department of Communication & New Media uses the Apple Mac platform in the computer lab and for teaching production-based courses. All department coursework will be taught using software designed for the Mac. In the communication industry, it is the standard computer platform, especially in graphics, photography, and video.

Students who major in in any of the degrees offered by the Department of Communication & New Media are encouraged to consider purchasing a Mac for their personal computer use. For computer recommendations, please see a Communication & New Media faculty member.

All students must purchase a 1TB or larger G-Tech hard drive, from the campus shop, for production coursework.This allows students to protect their work from accidental loss in the computer lab and will allow them to accumulate work that can be used in their portfolio.