Academic Catalog 2019-2020

Repeat Course Policy

A student may repeat up to six courses in which he or she earned a “C-,” “D+,” “D,” “F,” “D-,” “@F,” or “WF” to improve grades for GPA purposes. Beginning with the seventh, all repeat attempts will be counted in the GPA. Multiple repeats of the same course will count toward the six allowed. In the first six courses being repeated, only the higher grade will be counted in computing the Gardner-Webb overall grade point average, although the lower grade remains on the official transcript.

Students may repeat up to two courses in which they earned a grade of C or higher in an effort to improve their GPA. In these cases, the higher grade will be utilized for GPA calculations although the lower grade will remain on the transcript. No additional credit hours can be earned in these course repeats. These repeats do count towards the maximum of six course repeats.

Transfer credit may not be used to repeat or replace a grade earned in a Gardner-Webb course.

University policy on repeating courses is not applicable in a situation where an “Fx” was assigned because of academic dishonesty. An “Fx” that is assigned as a penalty for academic dishonesty will remain a part of the academic transcript. It cannot be removed by a course repeat and will be factored into the grade point average.

Designations appearing on the transcript at the right end of a line describing a course indicate how that course’s quality points were calculated. An “E” designation on the transcript refers to a course excluded from the grade point calculation as the result of a repeat. An “I” designation on the transcript refers to an inclusion in the grade point calculation of a grade as the result of a repeat. An “A” designation refers to a course whose quality points were averaged with those of another course as the result of a repeat in excess of the limits for replacing grades.