Academic Catalog 2021-2022

Catalog Requirements

The Academic Catalog is provided to students as a description of the policies, academic programs, degree requirements, and course offerings for the 2021-22 year but does not constitute a binding contract between the University and the student. The University strives to present policies and program descriptions as accurately as possible at the time of publication. The University reserves the right, however, to revise information, policies, or requirements in part or in whole without notice or obligation.

Normally, students will graduate under all provisions of the catalog in force at the time of their initial enrollment as long as the student is continuously enrolled at the institution. If program requirements change, however, a student may elect as an alternative to graduate under all of the provisions of a subsequent catalog in effect during the period of their continuous enrollment. Students who wish to graduate under the academic policies of the later catalog must provide written notification to the University Registrar, designating the catalog being followed. Deviation from the academic requirements of the selected catalog must be approved through the appropriate academic appeal process.

Additional regulations and requirements are contained in the Traditional Undergraduate Student Handbook, Online Undergraduate Degree Completion Program Student Handbook, Graduate Student Handbook, School of Divinity Student Handbook, and other program-specific student handbooks. Students are responsible for complying with all published regulations and requirements.

Gardner-Webb University
August 2021
Published annually at Boiling Springs, NC 28017


Changes Due to Health and Safety Concerns. Safety of the University Community is of utmost concern. Over the course of the academic year, University officials will continue to monitor guidance from governmental and health officials concerning the potential dangers of face to face instruction and the presence of students on campus. In its discretion, and in consultation with public health authorities and/or consistent with governmental guidance, Gardner-Webb University reserves the right, without prior notice, to provide online instruction rather than traditional face to face classes, alter the delivery and location of instruction, change class schedules, locations, and class offerings, and close or alter the availability of campus facilities, including, but not limited to, campus housing, recreational and dining facilities, and to make changes to any other program or activity. Reimbursements for tuition, fees, housing, dining, and all expenses or damages incurred as a result of these changes, if any, will be at the discretion of the University.