World Language Policy

The following guidelines apply to the world language requirement.

  1. Aside from exceptions 2-6 noted below, students must complete a world language through the first semester of the intermediate level (201). Students may select either from those offered by Gardner-Webb or any approved world language courses transferred from an accredited institution of higher learning. American Sign Language will be deemed a world language for purposes of this requirement. Students should start their World Language requirements during or before the Spring semester of their Sophomore year.
  2. International students whose native language is a language other than English will not be required to complete additional courses in a world language other than English.
  3. Students may receive elective credit in a world language. Students receiving such credits will complete their world language requirements at or above the intermediate level. Students who place into a course above the elementary level of a particular language (201 or higher) will receive six credit hours of elective credit if they choose to complete six hours in that language. This elective credit does not apply for the minor or major. Students who place into a course above the introductory level (102 or higher) cannot take lower-level courses for credit. They may audit the lower-level course as a refresher if they deem it necessary.
  4. Deaf students who score intermediate level or higher on the SLPI: ASL will not be required to take additional world language courses.
  5. Bachelor of Science in Nursing students must complete a world language through the second semester of the elementary level (102). The number of hours required depends upon the student’s entering competency level (either FREN 101, FREN 102; GERM 101, GERM 102; GREK 101, GREK 102; HEBR 101, HEBR 102; SPAN 101, SPAN 102; SGLG 101, SGLG 102).

    Students with two or more units of a world language in high school/typically begin at the 102 level; those with exceptional ability may satisfy the requirement through testing.

  6. Bachelor of Music students must complete six credits of world language study in the same language, or students may test out of the 102-level. If a student tests out of the world language requirement, the student must take six credits of electives in any field. Music Ed majors do not need to take electives if they test out of world language.