Academic Catalog 2020-2021

School of Performing and Visual Arts

Mission Statement

The mission of the School of Performing and Visual Arts is to provide the finest professional musical, theatrical, and visual art education to Gardner-Webb students, and the finest performances and education to the community-at-large, while providing a well-rounded education that encompasses a liberal arts philosophy and Christian values while training students in the history, performance, exhibition, teaching, composition, business, creation, and ministry of music, art, and theatre.


  1. To provide a superior university education in art, music, and theatre;
  2. To provide ample opportunities to perform and compose the finest repertoire, both old and new, from all areas of the world, in all styles, and to provide a creative outlet for artists to display works; and
  3. To stimulate interest in the arts and to inspire our students to strive to attain their highest potential as performers, teachers, composers, music ministers, music executives, and visual technical artists, and to use that potential to serve God and Humanity.

Student Learning Outcomes

Student learning outcomes specific to each major offered by the Department are described in the appropriate sections that follow.

Major Fields of Study

The School of Performing and Visual Arts offers seven majors associated with three degree programs.

Bachelor of Arts

Theatre Arts

Bachelor of Fine Arts


Bachelor of Music

Emphasis in Business and Music Industry
Music Education with Teacher Licensure (K-12)
Music Performance
Worship Leadership

Minor Fields of Study

Art History
Studio Art
Theatre Arts