EDUC 250 Teaching in the 21st Century Schools

A course designed to be the candidate's first course orienting them to education as a profession, to Gardner-Webb University's School of Education, and to the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards (NCPTS) and the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) standards. Experiences include a clinical experience with classroom observations, exploration of a diverse range of topics, and guided research in their intended teaching area, particularly in relation to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study. Because this course sets up all future expectations in the School of Education, it is the prerequisite for all other education courses and no transfer credit will be accepted for this course. (All teacher candidates, regardless of the area of licensure, will be charged a non-refundable Clinical Assessment Fee in EDUC 250 Teaching in 21st Century Schools. This fee will cover the candidate's subscription to TaskStream, as well as the required background checks. In addition, Elementary and Middle Grades candidates are required to have an iPad or tablet with video capabilities for every EDUC course with the exception of EDUC 250 Teaching in the 21st century.) It is highly suggested to take MATH 204 concurrently with this course. Candidates are suggested to take this course during their second semester of freshman year. Eight (8) hours Clinical Experience required. Clinical Experience placement requests will be communicated by the Director of Clinical Experiences. Candidates must request a placement by the deadline and complete the experience in the assigned placement. Transportation to and from placement is the responsibility of the candidate.




Fall and Spring