Academic Catalog 2020-2021

Sport Management, Master of Sport Management

The Master of Sport Management (MSM) program offered by the Graduate School of Business at Gardner-Webb University provides graduates with the knowledge and skill to enter and progress within the Sport Management field. On completion of this program, graduates will have obtained practical, experiential, and theoretical foundations essential for careers in Sport Management.

The 30-credit-hour curriculum can be completed in as few as five eight-week terms (10 months) taking two classes per term or as many as ten eight-week terms (20 months) taking one class per term, depending on the needs of each individual, and is offered in a convenient online format. Furthermore, the program’s rolling admissions enable the student to enroll and start at any of the six different term start dates each year. Based on the student's needs, the five- or ten-term rotation of courses offers students the flexibility of entering the rotation at any point to progress through the program. Part-time students are also welcome.


Gardner-Webb University's Master of Sport Management degree is designed to prepare the student for a successful career in the industry and provide increased credentials for upper-management positions in the field of sport. It is a specialized management degree program designed expressly for the sport management professional. Students acquire the ability to perform administrative, business, and leadership tasks necessary for success in the sport industry.

Student Learning Outcomes

To accomplish the mission of Graduate Programs in individual courses within the Godbold School of Business, students completing a degree in the Master of Sport Management will be able to:

1. Adapt themselves in advanced professional career positions in sport management where organizational, managerial, and analytical skills in sport management are vital for success;
2. Learn new advanced managerial skills in sport management that require advanced knowledge of computerized technology applications in sport management; and
3. Respond to complex changes in sport management in a dynamic, global marketplace and demonstrate high Christian ethical standards in their place of work.

MSM Degree Requirements

1. Overall minimum grade point average of 3.0 in graduate studies
2. Satisfactory completion of a total of 30 graduate hours within six calendar years
3. Application for graduation by the dates published by the Registrar

It is the student’s responsibility to be familiar with the preceding requirements for graduation.

MSM Program Guidelines 

It is the student’s responsibility to consult with the academic advisor and plan the degree in accordance with the program requirements using the course rotation and the degree planning form. The course rotation is fixed. Missing or not successfully completing a course in a term means that the student will need to wait until that course is offered again in the course rotation.

MSM Curriculum (30 hours)

The curriculum is designed for students that come from different disciplines of study to succeed. Understanding that sport is a social institution, sport leaders need skills in analysis and problem solving and have ethical clarity and an understanding of diversity in the corporate social responsible workplace. Practical applications of academic concepts and theories through projects and assignments allow students to be effective and efficient sport leaders. The 30-credit-hour program consists of ten three-credit-hour courses.


There is no specific prerequisite course material required for the Master of Sport Management. In addition, there is no order of sequence that the courses must be taken.

Required Courses (30 hours)

SPMG 602Sport Ethics


SPMG 604Sport Governance


SPMG 620Sport Financial Structures


SPMG 625Sport Marketing


SPMG 633/BADM 633Entrepreneurial Management


SPMG 640/BADM 640Business Law and Ethics


SPMG 645Sport Event Management


SPMG 650International Sport


SPMG 690Mentorship in Sport Management


SPMG 696Topics in Sport Management


Total Credit Hours: 30