Attendance Policy

Gardner-Webb University is grounded in the idea of educating its students holistically within the traditions of Christianity and the liberal arts. At the center of both guiding principles of the University is the idea of community and interpersonal relationships. Spiritual, moral/ethical, and intellectual growth are all broadened, enriched, and made more meaningful within a community of individual growth. Therefore, in order to ensure that students interact with others engaged in this search for growth and knowledge, Gardner-Webb University requires that students regularly attend and participate in the class meetings and activities designed to encourage aspects of this growth in each of their courses. This provides the philosophical foundation for the University's Attendance Policy which follows.

Regular class attendance is an important student obligation. Students are responsible for all coursework conducted in class meetings and are required by University policy to attend a minimum of 75% of the scheduled class meetings. Failure to meet this attendance requirement will result in a grade of "@F" in the course. In face-to-face classes, attendance is counted from the first scheduled meeting. In online classes, attendance is counted from the student’s completion of the Enrollment Verification Activity or first required course activity or assessment, whichever comes first. Furthermore, it is the prerogative of the instructor to set a more stringent class attendance policy. The instructor will clearly state in the syllabus the attendance policies governing the class. Students are responsible for knowing the number of absences that they accumulate.

In online classes, attendance satisfying the 75% requirement is measured by the documented weekly participation in the class on the part of the student, e.g., a minimum of one activity per week that demonstrates attendance, such as submitting an assignment, attending a webinar, or participating in a discussion board (logging into a course in Blackboard does not constitute participation or attendance in the class). As in face-to-face classes, the instructor in an online class may stipulate a more stringent attendance policy in the syllabus.

Absence from class does not excuse the student from responsibility for classwork. Planned class absences for foreseeable personal circumstances or official University business must be negotiated with the instructor prior to the absence. All absences, regardless of reason, apply toward the 25% threshold.