EDU 435 Facilitating Learning in 21st Century Schools

Elementary Education candidates will build on knowledge of individual student development gained in EDU 350 Diverse Populations in 21st Century Schools, candidates will apply that knowledge as they assess particular individual student needs, and will collaboratively plan appropriate instruction to meet those needs. Within this course, instruction and classroom management will be interwoven into every aspect of teaching and learning. Instructional plans will include monitoring of student performance; utilization of a variety of planning models, methods, and materials; exposure to various aspects of management that will be encountered during instruction; an integration of technology and instruction that leads to application of critical thinking; and problem-solving skills. This course will also address preparation for the school year, communicating with parents/guardians, creating rules and procedures, motivating students to learn, and responding to inappropriate behavior. Course requirements: Taken the semester before the student teaching semester and located in a partnership school. An iPad is required for this course. Sixty (60) hours Clinical Experience required. Clinical Experience placement requests will be communicated by the Director of Clinical Experiences. Candidates must request a placement by the deadline and complete the experience in the assigned placement. Transportation to and from placement is the responsibility of the candidate.




EDU 250 with grade of "C" or better


EDU 350.


Fall and Spring