ECE 425 Providing Instruction - Continuum of Alternative Exceptional Children Placements

This course is designed to provide instruction and experiences in the program content, teaching methods, and strategies for the exceptional learner with emphasis on methods and materials for meeting the needs of the special-needs student. Various types of educational settings for the special-needs child and methods for teaching in each will be demonstrated. Field experiences will include working in inclusive learning environments in the elementary, middle school, and/or high school, providing instruction, modifications, accommodations, and experiences with designing IEPs with regards to NC state curriculum standards. Specially Designed Instruction (SDI) will be analyzed by examining commonly used programs and assessments within different alternative placements. Must be taken the semester before student teaching.




EDU 250 with a "C" or better, EDU 350 with a "C" or better, and ECE 270 with a "C" or better.


As Needed