ECE 380 Communication and Collaboration with Stakeholders

This course is designed to provide communication strategies that should be used when working with the family, caregivers, related service providers, and outside support agencies of students with special needs. Professionals who support the student and the family will be identified. Techniques for involving professionals and other support persons who work with the exceptional-needs student and the family will be explored. Community agencies and support systems for the student as well as the family will be analyzed. The importance of conferencing with the family and professionals will be examined. The role of the educator in connecting families with appropriate school-based and community-based resources will be developed. The role of the surrogate parent in the IEP process will be analyzed.




EDU 250 with a "C" or better, EDU 350 with a "C" or better, and ECE 270 with a "C" or better.


As Needed