EDUC 681 (All C & I Master's Candidates) Leading Differentiation Strategies for Diverse Populations

This course will be taken in the second semester of the cohort. Candidates will examine a variety of strategies of instruction with a focus on curriculum/content area integration within the classroom. A study of the characteristics and educational needs of individuals with special needs, including academically and intellectually gifted students, will be included. Emphasis is on the issues and trends in both gifted and special education, the current categorical descriptions of exceptionalities, including academically and intellectually gifted, and appropriate classroom interventions. Research-based strategies for teaching both identified and at-risk students in the regular classroom are explored throughout the course.




EDUC 671, EDUC 672, EDUC 673, EDUC 674, EDUC 675, EDUC 676, EDUC 677, or EDUC 678


Spring and Summer