DEOL 736 Strategic Leadership and Management of Global Change

This module examines strategic planning models, forecasting methods, trend analysis, systems thinking, and futurism. Participants will learn how to manage growth, change, and organizational innovation. The use of strategic planning tools such as scenarios, systems thinking, and change strategies will be presented through case studies and projects that utilize the principles of problem-based learning. Students will have the opportunity to design a mock strategic plan and develop scenarios to apply principles learned in this course. It examines theories that provide the conceptual framework for organizational development from the leader's perspective. Strategies and qualities necessary for becoming an effective leader will be examined. The process of creating an organizational vision and implementing visionary leadership will be one of the major course topics. Students will reflect on the particular challenges and responsibilities encountered in shaping and creating successful leaders of the 21st century. Application of theory to practice will be stressed (scholar-practitioner model).






Internship/Portfolio Review Fee