CEDU 699 Professional Development of the Clinical Mental Health Counselor

A competency-based course designed to facilitate passage from graduate student to working professional. Students will integrate all theoretical and applied experiences mastered during their academic training, develop a portfolio of their work suitable for submitting to prospective employers, and explore those professional disciplines likely to equip them to become counselors who continue to develop their professional expertise while actively working to develop the maturity to be effective professionals throughout their careers. Students will use classroom time to study, prepare, and present required projects, including, but not limited to, preparation for the NC Licensing Exam, presentation at a professional conference, negotiation of supervision contracts, mastery of current legal and ethical guidelines in NC, preparation of professional disclosure statement, understanding of HIPPA requirements, and comparison of public and private counseling agencies. Students should expect to spend significant time outside of class in professional, business, legal, and educational settings.




Completion of core courses with a minimum of 45 hours of coursework