The Major

Each candidate for a baccalaureate degree must choose a major field of study. Requirements for each major are listed within the respective department or school.

A student may elect to complete more than one major. To do this the student meets the requirements of a primary major plus 30 credit hours or more in a secondary field as approved by the dean/chair of the secondary major. No course may be counted in both majors. A student graduating with a double major receives only one degree, that of the primary major. However, the transcript denotes both primary and secondary majors. A transfer student must complete at least one-half of the major(s) at Gardner-Webb.

Certain majors may require specific General Education courses. While a course may fulfill a requirement in both the General Education curriculum and the major field of study, credit hours for the course can only be counted toward one or the other. Prescribed General Education courses, as identified by the specific major, are typically prerequisites or provide foundational knowledge for advanced courses in the major. Taking them to fulfill General Education requirements provides the most efficient way to progress toward the completion of the degree. Consult with the school/department of the major to determine specific guidelines for General Education course selection.