Academic Catalog 2019-2020

Department of Social Sciences

Department Chair: J. Moore

Global Studies Coordinator: C. Delehanty

History Coordinator: J. Moore

Museum Studies: A. Reiley-Kay

Political Science Coordinator: E. Amato

Social Sciences Coordinator: T. Vanderburg

Social Studies Professional Educator’s License Coordinator:B. Phillis

Sociology Coordinator: D. Sykes


Professors: W. Downs, R. Munoz, T. Vanderburg, D. Yelton

Associate Professors: J. Moore, D. Sykes

Assistant Professors: E. Amato, C. Delehanty, B. Phillis, A. Zhang

Instructor: A. Reiley-Kay


Mission Statement

In conjunction with the University’s mission as an institution of Christian, liberal arts-based higher education, the Social Sciences Department at Gardner-Webb strives to facilitate student development of the intellectual skills needed to understand and explain significant issues in the realms of politics, society, and the human past.

Major Fields of Study

The department offers eight majors leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree.

Global Studies


History with Professional Educator’s License (Grades 9-12)

Political Science

Social Sciences

Social Studies with Professional Educator’s License (Grades 9-12)


Minor Fields of Study

Global Studies


Museum Studies

Political Science

Social Sciences


Major Fields of Study Detail

NOTE: A student who elects to take HIST 245, POLS 202, or ECON 203 as part of the American Heritage Dimension of the university’s General Education curriculum may count that course(s) toward meeting relevant major requirements. However, only three hours of credit will be awarded for each course taken.

NOTE: With prior consent of the department chair, Honors 400 (Honors Research) and Honors 401 (Senior Honors Thesis) may by used to satisfy six of the 30-33 hours required for departmental majors in History, Political Science, Sociology, and Social Science.