Academic Catalog 2019-2020

Department of Natural Sciences

Department Chair: S. Eddins


Professors: B. Brooks, S. Eddins , T. Jones, D. Judge, J. Oyugi, V. Totten, T. Zehnder

Associate Professors: D. Campbell, D. Olive

Assistant Professors: S. Manahan, M. Rowe, J. Zimmer

Instructor: S. Smith

Mission Statement

The Department of Natural Sciences provides students a firm educational foundation in both theoretical and experimental science, and produces students with critical-thinking and problem-solving skills through meaningful in-and out-of classroom and laboratory experiences. The Department aims to prepare students for productive professional careers or for entry into graduate or professional schools. The Department of Natural Sciences strives to remain consistent with the educational mission of Gardner-Webb University by balancing an interdisciplinary science foundation with the Christian values of faith, stewardship, ethics, and social responsibility.

Majors Field of Study

The department offers two majors leading to the Bachelor of Science degree:



Minor Fields of Study



Environmental Science

Forensic Science

General Science

Health Science

Physical Science